Choose tires for an SUV: it's easy

The tires of an SUV are not only used to move the vehicle forward, they are also a vital safety element. The decision in favor of the right tire also determines the economy of operating the SUV. 30 percent of the fuel consumption alone is needed to overcome the rolling resistance.

The right tires

SUVs are fast, sporty and strong vehicles. Most models are four-wheel drive vehicles. The vehicles, which look very similar to off-road vehicles, are sporty all-rounders both on the asphalt and due to their design in the field. An unproblematic occurrence of the SUVs can above all be attributed to the tires used, which have also been optimally adapted to demanding terrain conditions. SUVs are heavier cars than other cars, which can still reach high speeds. Unlike conventional cars, these vehicles have tires that have a larger and more asymmetrical profile. This is necessary to give the SUV its cornering stability as well as a smooth straight-ahead. The SUV tires also have a higher wet grip and a greater noise emission.

Correct choice of size

If you want to buy new tires for your SUV, you should find out in advance about the technical data of the tires you need. The correct and also approved tires for the SUV result in the form of a tire size designation and an operating code from the vehicle registration document. In addition, this data is also on the outside of the tires. The content and sequence of the data shown there are determined by regulation ECE30. The necessary tire width is described with the percentage ratio of the tire depth and the tread width as well as with the rim diameter. Today you can find every tire size you want in the wide range.

All-rounder without all-round tires

Although the tires for SUVs are often referred to as all-rounders, one should not do without seasonal tires. There are also many differences between them, so you should drive with appropriate SUV tires for summer in the summer months and with appropriate SUV tires for winter in the winter months.

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