Five pieces of information before you decide to cancel your mobile phone contract

Compare tariffs

Often one decides to terminate his cell phone contract, for example by finding much cheaper tariffs online, which are said to have a much better price-performance ratio than one's own tariff. But be careful: these tariffs are often marked with a certain tick in the small print.

Either you end up paying even more at the end of the month with various fees, or you end up with limited internet access and may no longer be able to make calls to landlines for free.
Here it is advisable to pay close attention to the small print. Better ask your provider whether they offer a tariff that is tailored to you.

Note notice periods

Many people miss it during the notice period, so the existing tariff is quietly extended by another one to two years.
Often the tariff has to be canceled three months in advance, so please note the notice period and at best cancel one year in advance.
If you are rather disorganized and like to miss such things, a tariff without notice may be recommended for you.

Maturities are extended

If you failed to cancel within the notice period, you must expect that your contract will be extended by one to two years, depending on what is in the contract.
Most of the time you cannot withdraw from the contract and it does not help to send a late cancellation. Here you can only hope for the goodwill of the provider.
You will send a notice of termination to be on the safe side by registered letter. Make sure that the letter can take a week to reach the recipient, so plan in advance.

Look for a replacement

In order not to stand without a cell phone number, you should take care of replacements in good time. Certain tariffs and providers often offer the option of taking the number with you. So you do not have to worry about communicating your new number to every important contact, as this does not change. This service usually costs a few euros, but is worth it.

Coupons and promotions

If you stay loyal to your provider, they will reward you with vouchers or new cell phones that you can get for free when you renew your contract. Find out more directly from your provider.

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