Friday the 13th: actually a normal day right?

You work, go on vacation or just relax for a while. And this without paying too much attention to which day of the week it is. Except it is Friday the 13th. Many people pay close attention to this date, some take care of this special day weeks in advance. But why actually? In our enlightened and already well-educated world, such a day shouldn't matter. Why are so many people afraid of him?

If you look for clues why Friday the 13th is associated with unfortunate and bad things, you come across some interesting explanations. And many of them have something to do with religion and the church. For example, Adam and Eve were chased out of paradise on a Friday the 13th, and the day of Christ's death falls on the exact same date. The Bible also speaks of this black day. There one speaks of 12 apostles. At the last supper, however, another joined, who then betrayed Jesus. Friday the 13th also plays an important role in the world of numbers. Namely, the number 13 is called the devil dozen.

The fear of this special day increased until it had an impact on our lives today. For example, many hotels leave out number 13 on the room doors. There isn't even much of a 13th floor anymore.
Society has also become more familiar with the number 13. Because not only normal people were more afraid of Friday the 13th, but also more famous personalities, including Arnoöd Schönberg. He was afraid of this day all his life. And of course how could it be otherwise, he died on a Friday the 13th at the age of 76, the cross-sum of which is 13 again. The stock market crash of 1929 also fell on the so-called bad luck day. Several hundred people lost their entire fortune that day.

But why are many people so afraid of this day? Basically, Friday the 13th is a day that hardly differs from the rest. Neither could it be proven at all that there would be more misfortune on this day than another. The number of accidents on this special Friday was also examined. The result: on Friday the 13th, on average, there are no more accidents than on other days of the week. Still, many people are terrified of this day.

This anxiety syndrome is called paraskavedecatriaphobia.

But what is that exactly? The answer: superstition.
This word is difficult to define, but basically anyone can think of it as something. The word superstition is Latin and meant something like super-stitio.

Ultimately, the fear of Friday the 13th can neither be controlled with superstition nor with Paraskavedekatriaphobie. You have to learn to control your excessive interpretation and thus change your view of the world and Friday the 13th.

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