Guide: How much does a stairlift cost?

A stair lift flexibly helps people with reduced mobility to cope with everyday life independently and independently. Whether due to an accident at a young age or due to health restrictions in old age, with the help of a stairlift, people with restricted mobility can stay in their own four walls.

Costs & financing?

Of course, a stairlift is an investment for the future. In the end, the device is cheaper than moving, but not everyone can immediately afford a stair lift. That is why different rental and financing models from different manufacturers are offered. Grants can also be applied for nationwide.

On the provider pages you will rarely find information about the exact price ranges of the devices.

The reason for this is the personal needs, which vary depending on the degree of illness and the person, and the structural conditions of the apartment or house.

A stairlift is specially tailored to the needs of the individual, which is why the costs here can vary greatly. So of course the system is different for a person who can still move independently in the lift than that of a wheelchair user. The structural conditions also play a decisive role in the final price of the stairlift, because the elevator is much cheaper for straight stairs than for a spiral staircase.
In general, the final price for the stairlift is made up of the following factors:

Reference type and model type
Personal demands
Individual requests
Custom-made rail system
Location (outdoor or indoor)
Load capacity: person-specific
Equipment: material, design, construction
Operation and security
Services of the provider
Floor tour (one or more floors)
Condition: new or used
Stair type: curvy or straight
Constructional extras
Acquisition period (express delivery or several weeks until delivery)
Installation costs

Professional and extensive advice from experts on the phone or directly on site is usually free of charge. Measuring the stairs is also free of charge. The consultant ultimately creates an individual design draft from the measured data and is only then able to name the final price for the stairlift. If a provider already calculates costs in advance (for advice and scope), it is better to distance yourself, because these services are free of charge for all reputable providers. 

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