How to choose a low-cost SUV

An SUV can score with its advantages, especially in autumn and winter. Some drivers of a normal car can see at this time that they are stuck and the SUV overcomes the difficulties and drives on easily. For many drivers, this is the sign of switching to a low-cost SUV.

It is known that the Renault Duster is very popular with the Russians. An SUV is characterized by permanent all-wheel drive and a longitudinal lock. Some SUVs offer an optional frame structure. In addition to the Renault Duster is the Tiguan from Volkswagen or the Toyota RAV4. With some SUVs, the driving settings can be changed depending on whether you are driving on the road or cross-country.

In order to find the right SUV, it is important to know where you want to drive the vehicle and what the SUV can do. A car is completely different when it is used cross-country, for example for fishing or hunting or if the car has to travel a long distance on the highway. In the search for the right SUV, it is also important what follow-up costs arise, such as the consumption of fuel, the cost of repairs and the availability of spare parts.

The demands on the SUV also fluctuate depending on whether the driver lives in the city or in the country. It is crucial whether there is a service for the desired car. Of course, the price is also decisive, which brings the Tagaz Tager and the Korean Ssang Yong Korando into play.

If you are not afraid to drive a Chinese vehicle, the Great Wall Hover 3 is an interesting alternative. This SUV corresponds almost entirely to the Japanese Isuzu Axiom. It has all-wheel drive, a rigid front axle and an excellent transmission.

The selection of good SUVs is clear, so that you can compare all models well. The advantages of the Russian models are well known. They are not as well made as the foreign models and often offer less comfort, but they are very easy to repair and all spare parts are available anytime and anywhere.

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