Rent a car abroad? 5 tips

There are many reasons why you don't want to do without a car abroad. That is why many travelers use a rental car. But if you want to rent a car abroad, you should pay attention to a lot and inform yourself well beforehand.

Compare and book tailored
If you do not use the offers at the holiday destination, but compare and book the prices in advance, you can benefit from a wide range of savings and cheap prepaid tariffs. Members of automobile clubs can often save even more through their provider. The necessary needs such as a lot of storage space or a navigation device can already be taken into account here.

Fine print
You should also pay attention to a contract in paper form. Pay particular attention to the general terms and conditions and points such as free kilometers or second drivers. A mileage limit only makes sense for routes that are already fixed. If you want to be spontaneous, you should choose an offer with unlimited mileage.

Age limit and driving license
It should also be noted that in some countries vehicles are only rented to drivers from the age of 21. In addition, it is often necessary to have a driver's license for at least one year. There may also be a maximum age limit. The age requirements not only vary from country to country but also by vehicle class. It should also be noted that the vehicle is only handed over upon presentation of the driver's license. Usually a credit card is required to pay the deposit.

Different countries, different traffic rules
If you want to drive a car abroad, you should inform yourself in advance about the country-specific road traffic regulations. Differences can be found among other things in the speeds for motorways or in the signage of parking lots or short-term parking zones. In addition to differing traffic rules, there can also be serious differences in driving habits, such as left-hand traffic in England. One should also note that some rental car contracts prohibit crossing the border to the neighboring country.

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