The 10 best SUVs in the world

SUVs have become much more affordable in recent years and are also enjoying increasing popularity in the motoring nation of Germany. In addition to off-road capability, storage space and strength, they also embody a certain attitude to life that appeals to buyers. 4Wheel Fun has been running tests since 2007 to determine the best SUVs currently available.

10. Jeep Cherokee 2.8 CRD

This very compact SUV is unfortunately no longer sold in Germany in the third generation, but scores with a lot of power in a small space.

Points: 760/1000

9. Land Rover Defender 90 TD4

An absolute cult model, which enjoys a great fan base due to the great driving experience and the military design and was also convincing in the test in version 4.

Points: 762/1000

8. Mercedes G Professional

The Mercedes G Professional is based on the former Edition Pur special series and, like the original, impresses with its iconic angular design.

Points: 768/1000

7. Iveco Massif 3.0 HPT

This off-road vehicle from the house of the Spanish company Iveco uses an unusual leaf spring suspension, offers enough storage space to go as a family car and has an incredibly powerful diesel engine under the hood.

Points: 780/1000

6. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2.8 CRD

The Wrangler is THE Jeep par excellence, but in the most current version it is by no means old-fashioned, but has been further developed sensibly. The classic scores with a lot of comfort and unrestricted off-road capability, which few drivers should be able to fully exploit.

Points: 786/1000

5. Jeep Grand Cherokee IV 3.0 CRD

Amazingly, this version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee did better than its newer successor: the high-priced SUV drives superbly and looks sportier, less bulky than most other representatives of this device class.

Points: 797/1000

4. Toyota Land Cruiser 150

The latest version of the Toyota Land Cruiser knows how to please with its sophisticated equipment, very good vehicle control and sophisticated electronics. It was still not enough for the podium.

Points: 809/1000

3. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Extremely short wheelbase, an ultra short reduction, two axle locks and the classic design of the Jeep company make this SUV a clear purchase recommendation for everyone who is looking for an off-road vehicle that also feels like off-road.

Points: 829/1000

2. Range Rover TDV8

In addition to the excellent driving characteristics, the Range Rover TDV8 is especially for those SUV drivers who do not want to do without the corresponding luxury even off-road. The high price is evident in every centimeter of the luxurious furnishings.

Points: 832/1000

1. Land Rover Discovery TDV6

The Land Rover Discovery TDV6 can position itself as a clear winner. The latest generation of the British off-road vehicle achieved absolute top values ??in all categories: there is currently no better Jeep.

Points: 841/1000

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