What to look for when buying a used stairlift

If you have difficulty climbing stairs and therefore cannot get from one floor to the other on your own, you should use a stairlift. However, these are only very helpful and easy to use, but also very expensive to buy. For this reason, you should use a used stairlift. What you should pay attention to when buying a used stairlift is briefly and precisely described here.

1. Provide Overview?
Many people have a stairlift, which they no longer need and therefore sell on. This is done either privately or through a provider. It is important not to buy the first stairlift that catches the eye, but to compare the different offers. The properties and the price-performance ratio play a large and important role.
In addition, different manufacturers and private providers should be compared with each other, since one and the same stairlift is offered by different providers at different prices. This is how the cheapest price can be determined.

2. Spare parts availability 
A used stairlift always shows signs of wear and, depending on how long it has been in use before being offered for sale, it may be that individual parts no longer work properly or are even broken. Before buying the stairlift, you should therefore check whether and where you can buy original spare parts.

3. Only visit then buy?
Often not everything is visible on pictures that are put on the Internet by the used stairlift. In order to avoid disappointment or to be able to identify a defective and damaged product before buying it and to be sure that the stairlift meets your personal requirements and ideas, the stairlift should be inspected and examined before a purchase contract is concluded.

4. The description of the stairlift?
The description of the offered product should always be read carefully, as the details are listed there. The provider also mentions possible damage or signs of wear. Only by reading the description carefully can you find out whether the model suits you or not.

5. Note the dimensions?
Since there are models of different sizes, it is important to have the exact dimensions of the stairlift. Based on the specified dimensions, it can be weighed whether the model fits in the place where you would like to attach it. Entering smaller or too large stair lifts does not make getting around easier.

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